​​​​​Water Resource Projects

Hammermill Sewer Pump Station Improvements Project
DeKalb County, Georgia
Client:  Engineered Systems & Services, Inc.

​PINNACLE provided engineering design services for an existing pump station improvement at an above ground two- phase sewer pump station.  Generated Construction Documents at milestone design stages for the pump station site.   Generated official Construction Documents for bid solicitation.  Duties also include attending technical review project meetings & conducting site condition assessments.

Jefferson Terrace Culvert Refurbishment and Stream Restoration Project
City of East Point, Georgia
Client:  City of East Point

PINNACLE provided project management and technical design which included land surveying and geotechnical coordination, hydrologic study, engineering design and Work associated with addressing the impaired bridge culvert and stream channel immediately downstream from the culvert.  The existing roadway culverts had failed and were redesigned to provide a concrete box culvert.  Subsequently, an additional technical design with Construction Documents were generated for Stream Stabilization to obtain a COE National Wide Permit (NWP) and an EPD Stream Buffer Permit.

DeKalb County Department of Public Works Drainage Improvements
DeKalb County, Georgia
Client: United States Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) & DeKalb County

PINNACLE provided management and design of eight (8) Flood Control Improvement projects located in various neighborhoods in DeKalb County.  The projects’ scopes involved: stream bank stabilization; culvert replacements and upsizing of pipe networks; erosion control; fish passage; stream buffer variances and nationwide permits; and community meetings.  These projects focused on upsizing roadway culverts within subdivisions using hydraulic analysis software (HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS) and finalizing the best, most-economical option for a flood control structure to keep the 100-yr storm from overtopping roadways.  Extensive coordination with the ACOE and their affiliates was key to making these projects successful.

Columbia County Roadway & Drainage Improvements
Columbia County, Georgia
Client: Columbia County Construction and Maintenance

PINNACLE provided planning, management, and technical design services for approximately 16,000 linear feet of roadway, roadside grading and drainage improvements.  Construction documents were generated for roadway and roadside ditch construction.

Stormwater Management Credits
Lithonia, Georgia
Client: New Birth Missionary Baptist Church

The project consisted of analyzing the existing storm water conditions to determine if the site complies with the local requirements for Water Quality.  PINNACLE prepared technical documentation and submitted the Storm Water Credit Application to DeKalb County along with the comprehensive Summary Report and a preliminary hydrology analysis for a successful approval.  The comprehensive Summary Report included our findings, photographs, hydrologic analysis, and conclusions/recommendations to maximize storm water credits up to forty percent (40%).  

Watermain Conveyance System
Rockdale County, Georgia
Client: Rockdale Water Resources (team effort with Jones, Jordan, & Goulding, Inc.)

PINNACLE provided planning and technical design services for a Water Conveyance System consisting of over 21,000 linear feet and 6,700 linear feet of 36"Ø and 42" Ø water main along HiRoc Road leading to Quiggs Branch Treatment Facility.  The method of construction applied was open-cut with blasting oversight.

Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
Rockdale County, Georgia
Client: Rockdale Water Resources

PINNACLE provided planning and design services for sanitary sewer conveyance system rehabilitation consisting of approximately 3,500 linear feet.  Proposed method of construction was pipe bursting.

Wastewater Conveyance System
Greene County, Georgia
Client: City of Greensboro

PINNACLE provided infrastructure design and technical specifications for a wastewater conveyance system. The conveyance system consisted of over 4,100 linear feet of 6" DIP force main including a 3 phase, submersible pump station. 

Water and Sewer Expansion System
Greene County, Georgia
Client: City of Greensboro

PINNACLE provided technical design, specifications, and construction administration services to hang approximately 2,200 linear feet of 12" diameter water and sewer lines across I-20 bridge along S.R. 44 to expand utility services.  Permitting included Georgia Department of Transportation Bridge Approval of the hangers.

Sewer Collection System
Rockdale County, Georgia
Client: Rockdale County Public School System

PINNACLE provided infrastructure design, technical specifications, and construction administration services to improve the sewer collection system at Rockdale County High School.